BTS Galeria Warszawa PL Transmitter gallery Warszawa

© Pattrick Breloehr
00-124 Warszawa,
Rondo ONZ 1
office building 'Rondo 1'
4 FM Transmitter (V-Pol)
  • 88.4/0.2kW - R. Nostalgia
  • 90.6/0.05kW - RMF FM
  • 97.1/0.25kW - Akademickie Radio Kampus
  • 99.5/0.1kW - R. Nostalgia
height of FM antenna: 165m
height of building: 194m
building completed: 2006
pictures: 07/2006
© Pattrick Breloehr
© Pattrick Breloehr As the building has just been completed on date of this pictures there has not been mounted any antenna system. The FM transmitters has been put on air later and the antennas has not been mounted on the red/white mast but on top of the roof.
Some new pictures where the mounted antennas
can be seen are available on website.

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