Transmitter gallery Moscow RUS (RUS) Москва

Москва / Moscow,
ул. Шаболовка 37 / ul.Shabolovka 37,
Шуховская Башня / Shukhov antenna tower
  • 3 FM transmitter
    101.2 MHz/10kW - closed in 2001
    103.7 MHz/10kW - closed in 2001
    106.2 MHz/10kW - closed in 2001
  • BTS
    cell data unknown
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Größere Kartenansicht
This 150m antenna tower was built in 1922 (!).
The Moscow Radio & TV transmitters were located at this tower until Ostankino TV Tower started operation in 1967.
Later, in 1991, Russia started using the FM band (100-104 MHz). Due to missing capacity on Ostankino TV tower (there were located only TV & OIRT radio transmitters) the FM transmitters were put on air on Shukhov antenna tower. At the end of 2001 the modernization at Ostankino's technical facilities were finished, so the FM transmitters were transferred to Ostankino TV tower.
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© Pattrick Breloehr
© Pattrick Breloehr
FM antenna system on top of the tower
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© Pattrick Breloehr
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