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Ulbroka transmitter site (6 masts)
Riga's mediumwave and shortwave transmitters are located in the east of Riga's city border, near Ulbroka village.
There are overall 6 masts:
  • #1 the tall mast with FM, GSM/UMTS and MW antenna systems on it
  • #2 one 'Blaw-Know radiator' as main MW antenna
  • #3 one MW radiator mast with GSM/UMTS antennas
  • #4&5 two further masts carrying the main SW curtain antenna system
  • #6 one small SW antenna mast.
Masts #1 - #3 can be seen on the picture above.
  1230 Ulbroka,Radiostacijas iela 21,
LVRTC Transmitter site
  • 3 FM Transmitter (V-Pol)
    88.6/1.1kW - Gold FM
    93.1/5kW - Saeimas Plenarsedes(LR5)/R.NABA
    106.2/10kW - Star FM
  • 3 MW Transmitter
    945kHz/2.7kW - [closed]
    576kHz/500kW - [closed]
    1071kHz/75kW - [closed]
  • 1 SW Transmitter
    9290kHz/100kW - several relayed progr.
  • GSM/UMTS Stations
    BTS LMT - CID 1701/1702/1703
    BTS TELE2 - CID 6300/6301/6302
    BTS BITE GSM - CID 20090/20091/20092 (E-GSM)
pictures: 06/2007
© Pattrick Breloehr

Mast #1
© Pattrick Breloehr  © Pattrick Breloehr 

-FM antenna systems for 93.1 & 106.2 at the top (height 190m; left pic):
-Single FM antenna for 88.6 below (150m; right pic):

GSM/UMTS and further antennas on the lower section:
© Pattrick Breloehr  © Pattrick Breloehr 

There is also a MW cage antenna system mounted on upper section of the mast:
© Pattrick Breloehr

Mast #2 - Blaw-Know radiator
© Pattrick Breloehr  © Pattrick Breloehr 
This Blaw-Know radiator was operating as main MW antenna.
Until July 2008 it has been transmitting Radio NORD's programme in simulcast mode (analogue & DRM mode) on 945kHz with low power of 2.7kW. In the past one 150kW MW transmitter has been broadcasting Latvian Radio's programme.
There are only 4 further Blaw-Know radiators left in Europe: one in Hungary, two in Bulgary and one in Northern Ireland.
© Pattrick Breloehr  © Pattrick Breloehr 
On these pictures the feeder lines to MW antenna can be seen.
© Pattrick Breloehr

Mast #3
This 125m mast worked as a MW radiator, there are also mounted several GSM/UMTS antenna systems. I don't know which GSM networks's antennas are mounted on this mast and which on mast #1.
Except the 945 kHz frequency which is transmitted by the Blaw-Knox radiator there were two further MW transmitters on this site: one 500kW Tx on 576 kHz (it was still active in 2002 with 50kW), and one 75kW Tx on 1071 kHz (it was closed in 1992).
© Pattrick Breloehr  © Pattrick Breloehr 

Masts #4 & 5 - SW antenna system
© Pattrick Breloehr
© Pattrick Breloehr
© Pattrick Breloehr
© Pattrick Breloehr  This shortwave curtain antenna system (directional, beam 279, H-Pol) is operating as main SW antenna for 9290 kHz relay transmissions. One 100kW 'Shtorm' transmitter (built in 1972) is still active, you may rent your personal airtime on this transmitter.
Until 1999, the 100kW transmitter worked Latvian Radio's programme on 5935 kHz, after 3 years off air in 2002 the relay transmissions started. In September 2003 the frequency was switched onto today using 9290 kHz. From July to December 2006 the transmitter was closed due to maintenance.
In 2007 there were plans to put one new 1kW low power transmitter on air, so much cheaper airtime has been available.
But unfortunately the operator LVRTC now plans to switch off the whole Ulbroka transmitter site on 31/12/2008.
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On these pictures the feeder lines to SW antenna and the bottom of Blaw-Know radiator can be seen.
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Mast #6
© Pattrick Breloehr  This small mast carries a further shortwave antenna system.

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