Transmitter gallery Latvia LV (LV)

1002 Riga-Agenskalns,
Nometnu iela 64
  • 5 FM transmitter (V/H-Pol)
    96.2/2kW - Krievu Hitu Radio
    96.8/1kW - Latviesu Radio
    100.0/2.5kW - Radio PIK
    100.5/1.25kW - BBC World Service
    103.2/0.25kW - Novoe Radio
pictures: 06/2007
© Pattrick Breloehr
The tower on this location in Riga quarter Agenskalns has been main Riga Radio & TV broadcasting center until in 1986 the new Riga TV Tower on Zakusalas island was built up.
Now from this Agenskalns tower only some FM programmes are transmitted. The FM antenna systems are mounted at heights of 115m and 100m.

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© Pattrick Breloehr  © Pattrick Breloehr

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