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Upiskalns transmitter site (3 masts)
Former Soviet VLF transmitter site
At Upiskalns transmitter site you can find 3 masts. In the late 80's the Soviet Army built up a VLF communication centre on this site to enable communication with submarines. There has been one centre mast and 6 further masts around it (have a look on right standing satellite picture!) for usage with frequencies below 30kHz.
As this VLF transmitter has never put on air due to end of Soviet Union, 4 of the masts were dismounted, 3 masts are still left.
Today the masts are used by FM transmitters, GSM/UMTS networks and ham radio services.

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Mast #1 :
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3301 Kuldiga [Goldingen],
Upiskalns transmitter site
  • 3 FM Transmitter
    103.8/3kW (H-Pol) - Star FM
    106.4/11.5kW (H-Pol) - Kurzemes Radio FM
    107.4/1.1kW (V-Pol) - European Hit Radio
    CID 4901/4902/4903
    CID 5440/5441/5442

pictures: 06/2007
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Mast #1 : FM H-Pol antenna system, GSM/UMTS, ham radio
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Mast #2 :
 What is the usage of top mounted antennas & the shack?
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Mast #2 :
FM V-Pol antenna system, GSM/UMTS

Mast #3 :
No mounted antenna on this mast.
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