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© Pattrick Breloehr

© Pattrick Breloehr 
© Pattrick Breloehr 
3322 Pelci,
LVRTC Radio & TV Transmitter Site 'Kuldiga'
height of tower: 180m
  • 4 TV Transmitter (H-Pol)
    R01/20kW - LTV7
    R06/40kW - LTV1
    E27/1kW - TV3
    E40/8kW - LNT
  • 5 FM Transmitter (H-Pol)
    92.0/3.3kW - Klasika (LR3)
    95.9/10kW - LR1
    98.5/3.2kW - Kristigais Radio
    100.1/0.9kW - Radio SWH
    101.3/16kW - LR2
  • 1 MW-Transmitter
    1350kHz/50kW - [closed 07/2006]
  • GSM/UMTS Stations
    BTS LMT - CID 1251/1252/1253
    BTS TELE2 - CID 5430/5431/5432
    BTS BITE GSM - 21818/21819/21820 (E-GSM)
pictures: 06/2007
© Pattrick Breloehr

Größere Kartenansicht
LVRTC tower
On this tower there are mounted the following antenna systems:
  • UHF antenna system (TV channels 27&40) and VHF antenna system (TV channel R06) on the upper section of the tower (171m/173m).
  • Below, there is the FM antenna system (160m).
  • Under the platform the Band I antenna system (TV channel R01) (137m).
  • The GSM/UMTS antennas are mounted on the middle section of the tower.

UHF & VHF antenna systems:
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FM antenna system:
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Band I antenna system:
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GSM/UMTS antennas:
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© Pattrick Breloehr  MW antenna
This mast is a MW radiator but was put off air in July 2006.
There is a 50 kW MW transmitter which was used for Latvian Radio on 576 kHz many years ago and later switch onto 1350 kHz.
After some years without transmissing the mast was damaged by a strong storm in January 2005.
In July 2005 it was put on air again and worked Radio Tatras International on 1350 kHz for one year until this transmission was closed in July 2006.

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