Transmitter gallery Lithuania LT (LT)

78007 Siauliai [Schaulen],
Lipusiai, Tilzes gatve / Aido gatve,
  • FM Transmitter (V-Pol)
    89.7/0.016kW - Radjo klubas
  • former FM (OIRT) Transmitter (V-Pol)
    70.4/0.05kW - [closed]
  • GSM/UMTS Stations
    cell data unknown
pictures: 06/2007
© Pattrick Breloehr
If somebody has got any details and data about the operating GSM/UMTS networks on this site, please feel free to contact me.

Größere Kartenansicht
© Pattrick Breloehr  © Pattrick Breloehr

The FM transmitter is using the 4 V-Pol dipole antennas mounted on top (height 93m):
There are also mounted two pairs (2 sectors) of 180 GSM panels on upper section of the mast:
© Pattrick Breloehr 

GSM/UMTS antennas:
© Pattrick Breloehr 
© Pattrick Breloehr 

further GSM antennas::
© Pattrick Breloehr

© 10/2008 Pattrick Breloehr, Engelskirchen